Is LiveJasmin safe to use?

Is LiveJasmin safe

Is LiveJasmin Safe and Legit?

LiveJasmin is an adult live webcam website which was established in the 90s for adult audience. The site provides free & private chat to users. The site was founded by some Hungarian businessmen in Hungary. The website is operated by Duodecad IT Services Luxembourg S.a r.l. a Luxembourg company part of Docler group. Docler also has a head office in Budapest, Hungary.

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Is Live Jasmin legit?

Yes, Livejasmin is legit and safe, but always keep in mind the basic security rules of the online purchases!

Never leave to go to private chat with models and be aware of the potential dangers. You can find many mirror sites on the internet. Usually they are safe and just redirect you to the official livejasmin with an affiliate id. It’s no problem, because LiveJasmin has an affiliate program ( where the affiliates can get different commision percentages after your purchase. So when you buy credits though this kind of websites you will donate a webmaster by your package purchases.

Anyway, never give any personal data on these kinds of sites, because they are not the official jasmine. Always check the exact URL before you purchase something should be in your URL bar.

Visit the Official Safe Visit the Official Safe


What is https?

When shopping online always check the browser bar, before you share your personal data. Usually if the URL starts with https://. it is a reliable website which can guarantee the security contact.

If you are not satisfied you can choose charge back option

When you choose payment by card or PayPal you have an option to get back the amount of your purchase if, for example, you are not happy with the service you’ve ordered. In such a situation, the first step is to contact LiveJasmin support and get some info what can they provide you to compensate. If you are unable to reimburse in this form, contact your credit card company or bank to outline what your options are.

Be aware of phishing in general

Adult webcam sites has a huge member base, people who are ready to spend money for adult related products. It is very attractive to scammers. That’s why in all cases, you should be very careful about suspicious emails. This is because fraudsters may want to obtain private card information or usernames and passwords in this form.

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It’s a very popular method of scammers to advertise all sorts of promotions in e-mail on behalf of stores, merchants – the trick is that when a customer clicks on a link in the letter, they don’t end up in a really working web store, but on a page created by the scammers. Sometimes it can be a very similar URL like LiveJasmin, but always check it before you fill any personal info there.

Unfortunately, fake websites are becoming more sophisticated, so it’s not easy to spot spelling mistakes or a low number of products.


Usually, the service providers do not ask you to provide such information, so if you receive a suspicious e-mail full of spelling mistakes, be sure to report the case to LiveJasmin support and your email provider as well!

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So, how safe is

Livejasmin is safe they are working hard to keep their users and members data in safety. They have also a 24/7 support team who can help you anytime, if you have any problem or question regarding their products.

Some of the key points of livejasmin’s safety

  • They monitor the live content, in order to avoid any nudity for visitors (non-registered members)
  • They have strict policies to control what could happen on LiveJasmin and regulates models as well
  • LiveJasmin has a huge IT security team to protect the data of Jasmin users
  • Docler is not a hiding but it is a transparent company you can find all details about them on the internet

Online models from the safe


Best tips to use Livejasmin safe and for avoiding scams and fraud

Always check https:// in your browser bar

It does not provide you a 100% security, but every time make sure there is a small black padlock on the left side of the URL bar. This is important because it certifies that the site has an SSL certificate, which is very important for secure online shopping. By clicking on the padlock you can get details about the certification

Livejasmin legit – Https padlock in Chrome browser

Livejasmin legit website

Livejasmin safe – https padlock in Firefox browser

LiveJasmin safe website

Only post any of your details on the page where you see the padlock. In addition, a good point is if the website address starts with https: //, because this also refers to the encrypted communication of that website.

Be aware Livejasmin hack and password sites

You can find numerous websites on internet who offer free livejasmin safe accounts and hack solutions. Most of them are fake and want to gain your personal data. If you have luck the hacker software simply fails, but it can happen that cheaters want to have you private data. However these solutions sound very good never trust them. There is a strong IT security team behind livejasmin who are monitoring continuously the vulnerability of the site, so these attempts mostly fail immediately or are available for one or two hours only. Choose official Livejasmin safe discounts and follow the promotions on their social channels or on our Livejasmin discount page.


Don’t leave the LiveJasmin safe & legit page to chat with models

Never deal with a live cam models personally outside of the safe LiveJasmin

Some models may offer you private chat option in Skype or other chat application for lower price if you send her money or a gift. Never leave the safety guaranteed by Livejasmin for an unsafe opportunity, because Livejasmin support cannot help you if you would be swindled. Cheaters can obtain private information under uncontrolled circumstances to your harm later.

Never send money privately to LiveJasmin models

Never send money or gift to models through solutions outside the safe Livejasmin. Rather choose from Livejasmin’s offer for example surprise. Circumstances are safe within the site, if you vote for other solutions you can count on yourself only.

Use antivirus software or virtual machine!

Beyond paying attention to the security of LiveJasmin also make sure that the computer you are using is properly maintained. Using an antivirus and installing system updates is a must – you should not shop online and you shouldn’t go online in general without it.

It’s very important to shop only in a trusted environment!

  • Don’t shop online on a public WiFi network. It can be accessible to strangers or on a machine that others can use
  • Don’t enter personal information and don’t log in to the banking interface on a public WiFi network


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