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Omg!! yesterday i was walking on the Park, it was 7:00 am and i was on the way directly to my work place; when i felt a hand over my back, i was complete in shock and when i turned around there was a guy who looked fantastic, 1,80 cm, blue eyes, blond hair, the guy of my dreams, i was near to slap him but he was faster and took my hand and just said: Relax, i won?t be bad with you, i would like to take you with me and going in a romantic restaurant and then bring you to my apartment and you know ;), buti know it will be never possible, we are only two strangers in a Park, so i wish you nice day, you have a great ass between, i couldn?t stop myself to touch him, bye baby. I was complete in schock but i have to accept that he made my day, i felt how wet i was

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