What is old LiveJasmin?

old Jasmin

About old LiveJasmin – a short history of LiveJasmin previous version

LiveJasmin was founded in end of the 90s. Four young guys had an idea to build a live cam empire called LiveJasmin. In this time this type of content was very unique and new in the world of internet in the early 2000s. Not so many cam sites existed that time and LiveJasmin could find a gap in this new market. The new features and the enthusiasm of these guys and their teams could built up LiveJasmin as the nr. 1 adult live cam site in the world.

As time has passed the LiveJasmin previous version layout looked quite old on the market. LJ team have rebuilt the site and created the new LiveJasmin layout. LJ old version was a totally different layout than the new one.

In this time LJ has already a large follower group and a lot of members really liked and got used to the old livejasmin site. They already knew the old layout and probably loved it. It was easy to reach & enjoy the best live sex shows there. So this change did not affect well them.

There was a transition period before the new layout totally took over the place of the LiveJasmin’s previous version. Until this time users could reach the old version through a “tag” in the url, but it doesn’t work anymore. The old live jasmin version was available for years because of the members who insisted on the old version.

LiveJasmin previous version is available?

The old layout is history since 2018. If you would like to find the old version on the internet you will get many results in Google to get it.

The problem is with these results:
They promise you will get to the old version, but usually they just provide the livejasmin previous version layout to you.When you decide to go private or just try to create an account you will see it very early that these sites will also redirect you to the new version. So the bad news is that, officially you can not reach anywhere the LiveJasmin previous version.

The old interfaces can no longer be accessed in any form, only the site features can be used in the new layout. Compared to the old version. The site has undergone significant modifications. It has also received a number of new features that wouldn’t be that enjoyable in the old version and user experience would have worsened.

Although many people preferred the old livejasmin layout, definitely the new layout is also easy to use and very user friendly.

What are the main differences between new and old layout?

Livejasmin Previous version

New Livejasmin vs. Old LiveJasmin

Let’s see a short comparison about jasmin features!


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Search for models:

The old livejasmin ‘s internal filter is much simpler than the new version’s. This filter is used for searching for the perfect girl or boy of your dreams among thousands of performers. This is basically the most significant difference, all the other differences between livejasmin previous version and current version are less important like the places of windows or some buttons.

old livejasmin model list page

You can filter for models by gender, size, color, hair, tits, appearance and you can search according to language too. This feature is freely accessible for all users.


As mentioned above you can search for performers by language. It was easier to choose language on old livejasmin, you had the chance to choose from 17 different languages like English, German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Swedish, Finnish, Chinese, Russian, Dutch, Slovakian, Polish, Portugese, Italian, Japan. If you want to change language on the new site, the site will be uploaded automatically when you scroll down.

Credits for lower price:

Credit auction was a highly favoured feature on livejasmin previous version. It was a great game for users, as they made bids for the credit packages and the member who won the auction could buy credits for less money. This game is history now, it is not available any longer on the sites. However it is new that the new layout already provide periodic and continuous live jasmin discounts to new members.

old live jasmin credits

Stream quality:

The new livejasmin stream quality is crystal clear unlike the old live jasmin

old livejasmin stream

Mobile version:

That is definetely one point for new livejasmin. You had not the chance to enjoy the shows of models anywhere anytime, as old livejasmin was not available on mobile phones. To meet your favorite hot chick you had to sit down to your PC or laptop.


LiveJasmin website has been renewed totally in past years. However not every member is happy about it the old livejasmin site is no longer available. Above you could read a few differences between the versions, some features were simpler, some features of livejasmin previous version are missing from the new one.
But all in all the new site has several new services, better streaming quality, and in the end it gives you better user experience than old livejasmin.

LiveJasmin previous version LiveJasmin previous version

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