What are Livejasmin elite points?

LiveJasmin elite ranks

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Why are LiveJasmin elite points good for you?


Everybody wants to belong to the big ones, to stand out from the crowd. On LiveJasmin you can prove how big player you are by collecting Livejasmin elite points. It is much easier than you think. You are just enjoying LiveJasmin the way as usual and in the meantime you earn points.

Why is it good for you?

Well, this exactly is the way of standing out from the crowd. There is a ranking with different levels like Crush, Lover and so on till the highest Casanova. Models adore Casanovas, so it is not a secret that every men want to be Casanova. If you send surprises to models or take them to Private, in other words you spend credits, you will earn points and you can become from Crush to Casanova.

Start collect your LiveJasmin elite points Start collect your LiveJasmin elite points

Multipliers help you to reach your goal as fast as possible. Every level has its own multiplier. As it has been mentioned earlier every credit’s value is one point. And this point is multiplied by the rank multiplier. So, the higher rank you are, the quicker you can gain points.

The race is strong, everybody wants your place, to keep it you need to stay active. Don’t forget that it is easier to keep your existing rank than gaining it. Keep point limits in front of your eyes, because if you do not reach the limit of your rank, you will get back to previous rank.


Once you gained a rank, it is yours for 60 days. But, if you stay active and spend your credits, there is no time limit for this.

This is a default opportunity reachable by simple registration


You just have to stay active and spoil your favorites. You can find more information about LiveJasmin elite points here.

LiveJasmin elite points

LiveJasmin Elite Points

Livejasmin elite ranks

Rank Favorite List Size Points for Votes
Crush 100 400
Lover 200 500
Sweetheart 300 600
Lancelot 400 700
Romeo 500 800
Casanova Unlimited 1000


  • You have to use the site to keep your points otherwise, you can lose the rank you have attained
  • There is the opportunity to hide your rank into your profile settings. So models won’t see that you are a big fish


Advantages and disadvantages of LiveJasmin Elite Points


  • In the LiveJasmin Elite Program you have the opportunity to make longer Favorites list and get more points to award you favorite performers
  • If you don’t want guest users to appear in your chat window, you can mute them once you are a Sweetheart, Lancelot, Romeo or Casanova
  • It is not always easy for Casanovas either: once you gained this title, you have to be super active on the site. You have to spend 7 credits every day in order to keep your rank
  • Users can decide weather they want their rank to be displayed or hidden.
    • You can set it under Privacy Settings. Some Casanovas or Romeos are proud of their high rank and enjoy the high attention when they enter a chat room, while other rather vote for more privacy and they hide it.


LiveJasmin Club Elite ProgramLiveJasmin Club Elite Program

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